Best Residential CCTV Products To See Intruders At Night

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Once you have started thinking about your home protection and how to make sure your home is secure from thieves’ burglary and other forms of crime and theft, you surely would not think far from residential CCTV for your home which would help you see intruders, especially at night when they carry out their unruly activities. If you are prone to these crimes you would want to consider equipping your home with these devices and appliances because most times the perpetrators of these acts would be long gone before you even realize you are a victim and if they need your presence they might take you unaware without you having prior knowledge until you are victim. They are also likely to get home scot-free if your home does not have a residential CCTV to protect your home from these intruders.


This camera has it major advantage in the uncertainty it places in criminals and burglars as they cannot be really sure where the camera is facing and if they can carry on if the case is that the camera is facing some other directions. Thus this camera usually scares criminals away when noticed. It has. A dome-shaped casing and this casing holds the camera. Although they tend they scare cameras away when noticed, they really don’t get easily noticed and they have a discreet appearance.

Some other benefits it possesses is that it can both be used both indoors and outdoors and this means that the design fits either case due to its simplicity. It possesses a feature called vandal resistance which means it is harder to interfere with the action of the camera. It has the ability to rotate 360 thus there is no corner or angle a thieve will hide where they would not be spotted in seconds. It is also very easy to fit cause it features a very unobtrusive design.

Bullet CCTV

The loudest feature of this cameras is the awesome classic design it comes in. They are not discreet and they can easily be seen by any incoming person thus it has the scare factor and it surely pushes people away. They feature the shape of a cylinder and they also have the ability to cover very long distances. Unlike the dome cameras, they are made solely for outdoor because of the long-range they can view. Since they are placed outdoor mostly, they are built in such a way that they are resistant to water and dirt.

PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras

The fact that your security team has full control of this camera can either be a great thing or a bad one depending on how good the team is with cameras like this. The lenses can be controlled to move in any direction at all. It usually needs someone to observe the live feed.

It has the ability to focus closely on a particular object and tell what exactly they are. It also delivers great quality images

Day/Night CCTV Cameras

These cameras do great in the presence of low light so they are ideal for places where the night time is really bad time. It records video clearly. This feature is actually made possible by extra sensitive imaging chips.

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